To all my dear friends,
I am writing this for just saying 'hello' to you all who would like to see me from here. I am fine in the UK so far! Actually I have to say that I feel much more comfortable and happier here than in Taiwan! Everyday I can enjoy chilly weather--sometimes a bit hot while enjoying the warm sunshine--fresh air and slow path of life. But I still remind my dearest family and good old friends, not very often but so much... hopefully, you all guys may be fine there! 
Here is a picture taken at Betty's Tea Room in Yorkshire, one of the historic and famous British tea rooms in which you could enjoy traditional afternoon tea in Britian! I was very lucky to have a wonderful tea time with my lovely friends travelling with me in York... and this is my best shot with my afternoon tea set taken by Yuri. While tasting the incredibly delicious afternoon tea here, I really hoped that all of you might come with me enjoying this moment together!! So that's why I would like to represent this picture and also to share this unforgetable feel to you all......
Wish you are here......
Sincerely Yours


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