I firmly believe, although it is my 'personal' viewpoint, no matter you agree or not, that is, I am sorry to say honestly, proud always comes follow prejudice.
    What is proud? How to say a person is proud? Sometimes you may be confused about the slight difference between 'confident' and 'proud'... But I don't  think it is so hard to judge...
     A person with full confidence should let you feel comportable, while listening what he or she is talking and sharing about, you see the light sparkling from his or her eyes and face, which is the warmest and glorious one may become a inspiration to you and postivily rock your mind and world.
    However, a person with full confidence without humblity may become a nightmare, simply because he or she lack friendly attitude, looking low to others from the top where he or she is standing, thinking about his or her intelligence higher than any other one, caring about that no one would personally realize and feel easy to come into his or her world.)
    What such people who are too proud to be real confident is thinking about is prejudice, the cause of the proud, which is the most horrible thing of the world. And so the farest place where I never ever approach.


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