There is a song that I love the most and probably is that being loved by many people, called 'Desperado'.
   Not only its melody, but also, the lyrics, always reminds me the most valuable thing in such an imperfect world we're all living and tells us should try to realise and achieve it as possible... -- The Eagles, Desperado, please click to listen...)
    'It may be raining, or there's a rainbow above you...
    You'd better let somebody love you, let somebody love you,
    You'd better let somebody love you....., before it's too late.'   
   Undeniably and paradoxically, people sometimes or quite often, are afraid of loving someone as well as being loved by someone. If you would like to ask, why don't you love somebody and encourage yourself to be involved in the feeling of being loved? One of the responses from such kind of people you ask may be...
   'I don't want to be involved just because I am afraid of suffering from the feeling of being/getting hurt by the one I would like to love...'
   Love hurts, yes, indeed, I can't deny it... There must the dark side of love, if the one (this may be something, or smeone) you love turns out of its/his/her face, becoming what you couldn't recodnise and understand as before, your belief in the one you are willing to love would fully destroy your faith, confusing your value, and leads you to be afraid of love.  
   But I can't deny the darkness of love simply as the same as I admit love enriches a person's life and gives him/her hope and courage to live a better life without reservation. Because this song, these compelling words that being sang sincerely in so many years... you still need to give yourself a chance to be loved then you can learn and get the hapiness from the 'give and take' process of love... maybe you'll get hurt if things don't go smoothly, but maybe you'll get the greatest happiness eventually as well! The only thing for sure is you will get nothing if you never get a try...
   And by the end, '... before it's too late', this reminds us the time for us to do whatever we'd like to do is actually so limited, too limited to grasp it for achieving whatever you're eager to achieve, of course inluding to love and to be loved... Never start chasing anything you like to have before it's too late... that is the lesson that we all must keep learning from heart.


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