Start thinking of the time we've spent beneath the same sky, walking in the warm sunshine, watching upon the soft white clouds passing by, through the cold rains falling, and silently looking at the very full moon, praising for the amazing peace that it gave to us.....
    Start thinking of every laughters and tears we've shared for all the happy and unhappy situations; luckily, we've faced and enjoyed more happy things than unhappy ones here and during this period, which is the power for us to move forwards for reaching our dreams, with mutual support, understanding and trust.
    Start thinking of all the unforgettable and cherished moments and experiences we've had from everywhere we'd like to and seriously make plans to take a look, with expectation made of fancy imagination, every scene and moment--whether good or bad, satisfied or disappointed--in so many wonderful trips which for me are too delightful to forget.
    Always together, and forever apart. Time passes fast and would never come back with its restless footstep, as the same as you and me will eventually go far from each other someday in the future with each's restless footstep... in this rapidly changing world.
    But, on the way of each's journey of life, no matter where we will go and what we may have, we can feel warm and even get the happiness that helps us to keep in faith, still and for good. By always remembering the way we were, thinking of days when we were happily together.
    That is only one thing that will never ever be changed between us.


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