Girls! I miss you all..... all the girls whom I know when I was in junior high.
    Few days ago, I hear form one of you telling me that you all girls had a class reunion recently.
    Last time when we met with each other, exactly howmany years ago? Mmm... already three or four years ago!! 
   How many years ago when we were still teens in junior high... Oh, I can't and I even don't wanna seriously count it... But, I still did it.
   We met together in 1991, and said goodbye with tears in 1993. So we have known with each other for 16 years!!
    Some are missing and I never see them after graduation, they must be somewhere and may be enjoying their life that we don't know. 
    Some are always there--in the same city where I have been working and living, and I still can know some changes about each of you, few of you already married and even become mothers... some of you are working hard after studying hard and waiting for your Mr. Right...
    Few of you, like me, leaving the most familiar city, life and you all to fulfill a dream, for a possibly brighter future, with the brave and faith and a bit anxiety. Whether for studying or working overseas, we are in the US, the UK, Spain, Australia... very far apart and away from whom are in Taiwan, but, when hearing from you, seeing the pictures you took in the recent reunion, I sudden feel that, I am NOT far away from you girls! We are together, always and forever, I still can clearly recognise and remember each of you undoubtedly, and those sweet as well as bitter but good old days we have been through together.
    When I met and started to know each of you, I was 13.
    When hearing from you girls again after so many years, I am going to be 30... Just 4 days after, I have to say bye to my twenty-something days.
     But girls... I will never say goodbye to each of you, and the old days, the tears and laughters, the memories firmly moving you and me now and the future, and the youth...... 
     Every one of you, including me will be that young girl in each mind, which is unchangeable and unforgettable forever.     


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