You may sometimes, but don't have to always show or tell others your personalities, your plans, your dreams, your strengths... if they are significantly existing, if those are others are interested in, people can easily tell because those things about you would definitely shine and clearly show if people would like to take a look.
    You don't have to always show your kindness by continuously giving everything to people, being smart than keeping being over generous, not everyone would feel happy and comfortable to be patronised without knowing being a reason for receiving this. 
    Sometimes, the world seems to be in a mess, not everthing or evryone but quite nearly, like getting crazy, out of control or loosing minds. I am wondering why, while repeatedly reading/hearing terrifying news from newspaper/TV or radio, while knowing some unbelievable gossips about whom I am familiar with from those I know them as well... Should I accept, believe, or should I question, ignore or just pretend that I cannot feel anything even I've be adviced so many...
    I got the answer: the chaos occured because of too many people would like keep showing everything, that may both right and wrong, confirmed and uncertain, necessary and nonsense, fruitful and helpless... only that you can make sure is everything that people like to show and push others to accept, whether they like it or not, is all about themselves.
   About what they're concerning and thinking about, about what they consider is true and 'must be expressed for others to know'. 
   So and but, How about others' feelings? it is refusing and pay less or no attention on what others are feeling about what you're showing and giving that leads the world going mad.
   It will be much better if all of us in the world can stop talking and keep silence, just concentrating on observing and listening... just from others and without saying anything. You don't have to do too much to get nothing or even worser--to get just something messy or poor feedback that will drive you crazy, because I believe:
Silence is the power that may be the only one weapon in the world to cease fire. 


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