People like to complain.
    Complain about anything which goes wrong, anyone who drives you mad, and so on.
    Complaining seems to be a never-ending journey for certain people not for all of us, the reason why I say and think so is simply because not everyone in the world would tend to or always use such way to show his/her anger or disappointment. Some would rather choose to be silent, showing a calm face reaction or even trying to wear a smile instead of saying anything harsh to pull themselves, people around them and the whole world down.
    That doesn't mean they DON'T fell unhappy or depressed! They just choose to deal with their anger inside their mind in other possible ways despite COMPLAINING.
    If you ask people who always complain about everything or everyone: Why you are always complaining? Their answers would possibly and often be like this:
    'Because i just want things/people become BETTER!!!!!
    Excellent. Sounds very reasonable, yes, being keen to continuously seek a continuous improvement, doing everything perfectly, meeting and dealing with perfect people, yes... you want a perfect life, you hope things goes perfectly and people act perfectly as well...
   However! Please do realise and remember, better try to accept that: This world is not perfect, and you are living in the world!! Unless you want to tell me that actually you are from another planet or you disagree the world that you and me are living in (If it is the same world!) is not so inperfect like what I consider... Okay, just go ahead, keeping complaining if you prefer.
   Complaining is not bad, I complain sometimes and I am very good at doing this! Only when I want to get something that I should have, just for my rights. Except that, that is, anything goes crazy or wrong but is nothing to do about my rights, I would rather see it happen and saying/doing nothing about it... you may think I am cold or selfish or something, whatever... but I have to tell you:
   Shit happens. Because the world is imperfect anyway.    
    And unfortunately, 'it' happens almost all the time in where we are, I CANNOT imagine if you would like spend all the time here on complaining about 'it'!
    If you are thinking something or someone is the 'it' I mention would happens anytime anywhere in the world, just think about what will you do if you see 'it'. 
Just watch out--don't touch or step on it.   
    See?! It is simple, spending time just for complaining it, isn't it wasting your time or something?
    Keep complaining if you really think this will totally change things/people that you think are as awful as 'it'. If NOT, why not just ignore and get away from it, this is a big big world, even it is not perfect, it is not 100% impossible for you to ask perfection in such an imperfect world... and so are you and me, we are all imperfect either.
    Notice that? I mention we are not perfect!! Before complaining about others, NEVER forget to think about yourself, sometimes why you are ueasily or even always unhappy with others or things just mainly because:
You are unhappy anyway.    
    Believe it or not, it is like a cycle, an unhappy mind leads an unhappy soul, an unhappy soul makes an unhappy person, and what an unhappy person can see and feel always makes him/her unhappy simply because he/she sees through a twisted eyes controlled by his/her unhappy mind.  
    So I better conclude, for those who are always complaining sincerely-- try to be happy first, and it may help you not pull the whole world down with you. The imperfect world may be a bit changed but won't be 'completely' changed because of your complaints. So I would rather spend my time on being happier instead of keeping angry... I know I can't change the world, but at least,
I can change myself!


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