To Read Someone's Mind, means to understand what this person is thinking about, is the most essential thing when you attempt to get more closer to this 'someone', as well as the only one rule to maintain a trusting and longlasting relationship with the one you would really like to be with with full understanding.
    However, it is quite a tough work, few of us can work it well. Mistakes are not always but quite often taken while reading someone's mind, even you think yourself already try so hard and with concern and sincereness, but quite often as well, the distance is getting wider between you and that 'someone' just because you wrongly read his/her mind; an even worser situation may be: unfortunately, you and that 'someone' mutually read each other's mind in a totally wrong way.
    What exactly makes you read one's mind wrongly? Probably, you don't 'read' it at all--you simply 'skip' it with a jumpy or messy thought, which may blinds your eyes of your mind--the only one 'tool' for you to smoothly and faultlessly get this work through. You may say time is so limited that you have no choice but simply take a glance look and, very naively, consider that it is enough for you to get this 'someone'. But conversely, when you think like this way you simultaneously miss so many details of what you should read that unavoidably take your time to read words by words, sentences by sentences.     
    What you act is not equal to what you think should be done, and what you think should be done is actually not what is needed to be done... that is the reason you easily fail to read someone else's mind, even including that belongs to yourslef.....   
    People tend to complain that the one they would like to understand more is actually with a heart that can't be read, instead of rethinking the way they use to read a person's mind. And, of course, they are never willing to read theirselves first, honestly and sincerely...  


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