This is the first time, you said to yourself, you got a feeling that it seems you are lost.
    Nothing to do with finding no directions about your life; still, you clearly know where you're going to go, I know that... you made the plan and promise yourself to go wherever you're determined to go, maybe during the process of making decisions or plans, some struggling or confusing things appear and bothered you but never stop you keeping going forward with full confidence and ambition, I am so glad and proud of your power and will.

    So what exactly it is? It is actually extremely hard to describe in words, I guess maybe, you got lost in accepting some facts of yourself, something that you hardly persuade yourself to believe and admit it is true.

    You think you will be fine to enjoy being alone, ignoring the loneliness all the way but eventually you realised you are not.

    You think you already recovered from something and someone used to harm you badly and rebuild your confidence but you found out you are not.
    You think you are brave, strong and independent enough to do everything all by yourself, no need a shoulder to rely on but finally you conceived you are not.

    What you're looking for... should be a shoulder, a firm and long lasting promise, a strong and reliable belief to support you ... I am wondering.

    So, where they may be...... must be somewhere! Those are what you lost, you better, and you have to find them back!


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