Christmas, my favourite day in a year, full of joy and warn atmosphere, despite the Christmas songs repeatedly flown from the stores or supermarkets may sometimes make you feel annoyed with, I love everything about Christmas.
    Fortunately, I can enjoy Christmas, the coming new year's eve and the new year in Europe this year, which not only me but a lot of my friends in Taiwan or from all over the world are dreaming of--being in a country fulfilled with the atmosphere of Christmas and happy new year. After all, these are the festivals and the most important moments belong to western people and their cultures.
    While seeing all these Christmas gorgeous lights, decorations and goods surrounding me in my daily life now and here, I sincerely hope that my lovely friends who have such dream can also be here; I am always thinking of one thing... I am using my eyes and mind, trying as hard as I can to enjoy everything I can see about Christmas and new year here... and really wish to share every terrific moment of peace and hapiness with you all.
    Follow my steps wherever I am and going to be, through my cameras and my eye sights, expecting the incredibly Merry Christmas and happy new year's trips.....!!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to the World and Everyone


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