Breaking news--Michael Jackson passed away at L.A. on June 25... I thought this news just breaks millions of his fans' hearts.
     Michael is the 'King of Pop' without doubt and what his has sang and danced on the stage are the icon that leaves a forever memory as well as a vivid image in many people's minds, being with people's childhood or young time...
     Although I am not Michael Jackson's super fan, but I still clearly remember my dad used to buy the 'cassettes' (well, you know, in the 80s people listened to the music via cassettes but not CDs!) of Michael Jackson to let us know this hot superstar. That's a trigger for me to know and start paying attention on American and also worldwide pop music and some super idols. 
    Michael used to visit Taiwan and held a great concert in a stadium located just near my apartment--I didn't get a ticket to get inside to see his performance (what a pity!) though, but that night, my dad brought me and my sister and brother to walk to the stadium, standing outside it with many other people who were just like us--wanna get in but unable to get tickets--and we just listened! We even sang and screamed with Michael and the audience who were inside that stadium and we were happy even though we did not 'see' Michael and the whole performence!! What a crazy and amazing experience! Haha, that was ten or more than ten years ago... but his singing voices, the music, the audience's crazy screams showing their love for Michael, was staying in my memory and would be always there.
   R.I.P. to Michael, an incredibly shining star and a forever legend...枯萎的玫瑰


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