Recently,  I am doing something about 'looking back'.....
   Checking all the articles those I wrote in this blog, and the pictures which I put in it as well.
   It is really a very interesting process, sometimes, it is useless for one to look back and think of his/her life too often, but sometimes, it is necessary to do so because one must firmly realise and remember how to live a life like what he/she is able to enjoy and think it is worthy enough to cherish so far and feel appreciated for what he/she could own now.
   I feel amazing while reading some articles I used to write, I sometimes feel moving about what I wrote, I would read some for expressing my depression or confusion for life and my future, and then continuously I read some for struggling to wonder how to do something special for making my life more meaningful. And eventually, I also read some regarding my new life, the beginning and something else after that is still going on and on.....
   I read an article about 'burnout' from a website belongs to a magazine of Taiwan... it revealed that now, more and more people of '30' generation are looking forward to get out of their office, for getting rid of the uncertainty and the blue following that to their career life. 
    'Burnout', what a good word to describe the tiring situation you may have when you have been working for a long period but feel you learn and gain nearly nothing!! Just like a candle burning without being blown, to burn until it runs out of the last drop of its wax, will you be glad to say 'Yes, I will burnout myself for this job, this boss, these colleagues and this company...' without researvation in your life, putting up with every difficulty and annoying things and people in your career life despite your own true feelings for them?
   More and more of us, including me--a woman who is nearly 30-- will SAY NO! I suddenly realise I am living a life of the process for saying bye to a 'burnout' lifestyle... I yielded to myself in my mind that I don't want to be a burnout candle... for everything and everyone that I don't like by heart at all! That's why I decided to stop... stop keeping working for uncertainty, and stop to seek a new life more meaningful.
   Not being lazy, not fooling around, just for rethinking and resetting our life, and restart it.
   To cherish the time I am enjoying here and now that is wholy controlled by myself, and say farewell to a burnout life I used to have in my life... I am so so glad that I made such a decision and never feel confused about it.


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