Just read an article from a website, someone who wrote it is mainly concerning the difference between to 'Like' or 'Love' someone.
    I think he (or she?) is partly right and is partly wrong. Say, to like someone is you're feeling like you'd like to 'possess' the one you do really care, when having no chance to get along the one you do like, or seeing or knowing the one you like so much is being noticed by someone else, you definitely feel more or less uncomfortable simply because you think whom you like is ought to be pay as much attention as that you're paying for only for him/her.
    To love someone, the way and feeling is different from simply to like someone. When getting knowing that the one you sincerely love is quite ease and happy whenever, wherever he/she is, whoever he/she is being with, you simply feel extremely comfortable and entirely happy, only for this is the person that you do love but not who else.
     Partly right, I would say, possessive is explained as wanting all the attention or love of another person. You naturally tend not to share part of the thing you own and do like, so do you when you like someone.
    Partly wrong, I have to say, you can entirely feel happy with letting someone you like go away if he/she likes, without any sadness or emptyness... that is always what we 'wish' we may make it however we merely get it done... because a goal that you 'wish' to achieve usually means something is over highly demanding. You don't and would never wish to do or get something that you can easily get.
    To like one you must have a feel like wanting to possess everything about the one you like, not the one him/herself but also everything he/she knows, wants, cares, and likes--ideally, you are included... if not, you get upset and must suffer from the insecurity.
    You are unable to love someone without launching to 'like' him/her... that's why, people repeatly give and take, win and lose, love and hate, from the struggling between to like and to love.
    Because it is so easy to hold what you're willing to own fairly tight, but just too difficult to let it go. That is, so easy to like but so hard to love... the lack of brave to let the one you love away from you without reservation as well as with no suspicion, is exactly the crucial key for achieving that.


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