I just saw a very strange response to my article(公主徹夜未眠) in my blog... very weired Chinese writing (interestingly, I can read and write in Chinese quite well, but I just can't understand what this person tried to say in his/her 'Chinese' writing in the message) and with some website links for an unknown purpose and it's definitely nonsense.
    I already deleted this weired message because I have my right to manage my blog and I don't want my friends and families who frequently read my blog feel bothered or confused.
    Hopefully, the person who put such a weired message in an unacceptable way to my article just put his or her saying 'accidently'.
    But, if you put it here for purpose, let me just tell you... If you disagree with what I'm saying in this article (I'm wondering you are exactly the poor and helpless people I mentioned in this article?!), you can just skip everything I put in MY blog. You don't have to show how poor and helpless you are in MY SPACE--you can go ahead to show what you want to show in front of others in your own blog or anywhere you prefer EXCEPT MY BLOG.


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