Farewell, a word that means leaving something or someone for good, to which you will never look back or meet again in the coming days in your lifetime.
    How sad when saying this word, particularly to that you actually you don't want to be apart from, to be specific, to the time, things, or people you firmly love and never think about leaving them.
    Interestingly and very strange I have to admit, I am proud of my retentivity; however, I just couldn't remember how I feel and what I was doing for my birthday of 20 years old, not because that is long time ago... but is because of my life at that time was nothing special at all, to tell the truth a bit unhappy then: I was not pretty, every day I couldn't help worrying about my terrible figure (God... I was 65kg! Small but fat in stature...) , just starting my university life with insecurity which was basically from being uncertain about my future. Also, I didn't trust and was afraid of meeting and getting familiar with new friends; I kept questioning if a true and firm 'friendship' really exists or is necessary for my poor memory and experience in my senior high school time...

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